In the case of "HOTMELT" type lamination, the glue is applied to the surface already in a liquid (viscous) form, and bonding takes place immediately after application. Thanks to this, the risk of overheating and destruction of laminated raw materials is eliminated, e.g. loss of width by non-woven fabric, destruction of PVC surface, etc. Thanks to the multifunctional head, the adhesive can be applied in a continuous, point-like form, or as a coating with a thick continuous layer (for example for activation in a later process).

Spot application first allows to limit the amount of glue used to the necessary minimum, secondly, it is a prerequisite for lamination of all kinds of clothing or construction membranes. The method allows the use of typical EVA adhesives, polyolefins, but also polyurethane reactive adhesives (PUR) having significantly higher thermal resistance. The method can be used both in applications where the presence of polyurethane foam is desirable, or excluded. Thanks to the corona treatment device just before applying the adhesive, we can also perform lamination on raw materials made of polymers, which in the natural state are difficult to laminate due to the unfavorable value of free surface energy.

In particular, HOTMELT technology is recommended for the following applications: - Clothing and technical membranes, and other "breathable" materials
- Bonding raw materials of limited resistance to high temperatures
- Blackout films
- Filtration materials

An undeniable advantage of our HOTMELT laminating line is its working width, up to 2400mm.