Research and development department

In addition to high-quality services, NEKS Sp. z o.o., offers cooperation in the field of new product development (or improvement of existing ones) at the customers’ request, in accordance with their specified requirements.

Moreover, NEKS works on its own product solutions using modern production lines and the innovative approach, knowledge as well as broad expertise of qualified staff, constantly expanded with new outstanding specialists. Innovative solutions play a significant role in the business strategy of NEKS Sp. z o.o.

A dynamically developing R&D department is continuously working on technologically advanced products that come up to the expectations and satisfaction of even the most demanding customers. In our lab, we conduct intensive work not only on state-of-the-art solutions from the automotive industry but also other branches, such as the clothing or construction.

In order to ensure high inventiveness of our product ideas, NEKS Sp. z o.o. cooperates with external partners including research centers such as the Lodz University of Technology as well as accredited laboratories.

Additionally, the company endeavors to continually improve its own research and development facilities, as well as to elaborate research procedures in order to determine the functional parameters of created solutions, both in the construction context and the obtained physical parameters.

The possibility of product diversification distinguishes NEKS Sp. z o.o. amongst other companies with similar business profile.

We kindly invite you to cooperation!

Contact person

Jakub P. Korejwo, R&D Director 
tel. + 48 42 717 80 74